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For information regarding program enrollment please contact Customer Service @ 603-595-2400 ext.100.

What's New?

  • Adult stick practice Lunch time skate-- Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:50am-1:20pm
  • Public Skating after school on Tuesdays! 3:30pm-4:50pm! Great time for extra practice ice!
  • Outfit your figureskater with a ZUCA bag! Build your bag today!

Weekly Skills Clinic- April 16th- June 18th


This is a great opportunity to get your player ice time to further develop their skills.  Weekly skills will be run by certified hockey coaches and skating professionals who will emphasis power skating techniques.   Helpful for players moving up in divisions for the 2013-2014 season!  There are no hockey “games” played in this program.   Great for Mites thru Bantams.  This program is not for the beginning player.

Weekly Skills focuses on:

  • passing
  • shooting
  • goal scoring techniques.
  • Skating skills

Players looking for weekly games may want to consider Spring League in addition to Weekly Skills!

When: Wednesdays from 6:10pm-7:10pm

Cost: $200 for 10 weeks.

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